January 27, 2010

Running in Circles!

Have you ever felt like you are running in circles? The older I get the more it seems like there is less time and motivation to get things done and there are more things to do. Sometimes I just cheat and do some of the things I want to and let some of the others go for the interim just to maintain my sanity.
We are currently in a lull from lambing and the last wave should start after the full moon this weekend, (yes,  I really do belive these things are regulated by the moon cycle). I think we have 9 left to go. The first 3 Romney lambs were born the first week of December and I am not sure if there will be more, time will tell. The Romney ewes were synchronized to cycle earlier in the summer so we could get some early lambs.

We had a really cold spell for about two weeks starting the second week of December so the Hampshires waited until that was over with and then they started lambing. Christmas break was a blessing as lambing was in full swing by then and one day we had 5 lambs in about 6 hours. We were in a mad dash putting up lambing pens and getting sheep and lambs moved into them. Most of the first time lambers were already in the barn. Trying to catch a 2 year old first time lambing ewe with a new lamb in the mud isnt very fun, especially since most are really clueless as to what that wet, slimey, noisy thing(s) is and they are still in some pain from the birth. Once they are settled in their dry pen full of straw with a bucket of warm molasses water they "mother up" really fast.
That being said our barn is really full of sheep at the moment. We have too much mud and it has been too cold at night to turn them out. There are 4 hamp yearling rams in the lamb pasture with nowhere to move them and I have a yearling romney ram in the stock trailer. I think we are bursting at the seams!
This is my favorite ram lamb so far. His name is Tank. He was 17.5 lbs at birth and already stomping his foot at me at 3 days old. I think he is quite the character. He is extremly straight topped and wide through his loin. It is almost like he was born looking like a grown up sheep.

We have started some tentative planning for what fairs and events to attend this year and the calender is starting to fill up. I have been trying to update my Ravelry page with completed projects and yarn as that had been neglected for too long. The Fibery Co-op site is having an auction with proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders for aid to Haiti and I have donated a couple of Romney Fleeces and batts so I hope they bring in some decent prices. I have more fleece than I have time to deal with so why not have it go to a good cause. The sun is starting to get low and the boys will be home from school soon so its time to go start chores. Hopefully there will be time to post again in a few days.