January 26, 2009

Crazy Times!

Why is it that everything seems to happen in spurts? Life has been truly interesting around here the last month to say the least. This is my first chance to post in ages. First we had the artic freeze for a week and then over two weeks of snow. It was nice to have a white Christmas, the first one since we moved here nine years ago, but what a pain when you have livestock to take care of. Thank goodness the weather warmed up enough for lambing to start. The first lambs were born on December 29 and until now things have been in a whirlwind.

We have now reached a temporary lull in lambing for a couple of weeks and then the last group will start. That is a blessing as the weather has turned really cold again and we actually got almost two inches of snow again on Saturday night. So much for living in a moderate climate! The Hampshires were the first group to lamb (18) and the rest of the Hampshires and the Romneys will be in the second group (15). We have had 26 lambs so far. I have one bummer I am keeping in the house in a dog crate. It has just been too cold to put her outside yet.

This is Sprout, she was a breech lamb that only weighed 6 1/2 lbs when she was born. Her mom didnt have any milk.

She had a twin brother with major issues that I kept going for 10 days but I lost him. Sprout gets out of her crate to eat and has run of the house (with her diaper on of course!). If you would have told me 10 years ago I would have lambs running around in the house I would have said you were nuts. Its amazing what you do for your family and animals. The cats and Sprout are facinated with each other and that is quite entertaining. She has been doing great so far and I am keeping my fingers crossed. She is going to be quite spoiled.

On the spinning/knitting front I think I forgot what my wheel looks like! No time for spinning. I have managed to finish a pair of heavy socks for DH from stash yarn and make a ear flap hat for Travis but that's it.

I participated in a cool wool swap on the Raw Wool Lover's Unite group on Ravelry and got some neat black lincoln wool from Bella the black Lincoln sheep. Thanks Tracey Vargas!

Hopefully there will be some time to start processing it soon. I did get Travis's sweater finished for Christmas and will post pictures of it soon. The sun is finally out this morning and chores are waiting for me. It has warmed up to 32 degrees so time is wasting and off I go.