November 25, 2008

Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We finally got through our leftovers last night and enjoyed a quiet weekend at home. Saturday was our busiest day as Trav had his soccer game at 7:10 AM and then we had a 4H ride meeting from 10-12 PM. That turned out to be a long day.
I have started on the garage trying to clear up clutter. It is pretty scary to think we have lived here almost 9 years and there has never been a car in the garage. Oh well, you cant have everything and I am sure there are others in the same boat. Eventually I would like to use part of the garage for wool prep as there are some nice benches and plug ins already set up along one side. I already know where I want to put the carder, picker and crock pot. My old washing machine is already out there and that is where I wash my fleeces and the washed ones are already stored out there.
My hubby the craigslist addict found some roving last week and I picked up almost 6 pounds of nice roving for $50. There is some natural gray and some space dyed in about 10 colors. Did I really need this? No, but I thought this would be great to use for my 4H spinners to learn with without a lot of expense. The gal also had some landscape dyes in both the large and small containers with most unused or almost full. I picked them up for $15 so I guess now I will have to step out of my Wilton and Kool Aid comfort zone and try some "real" dye. Now if I can just find some instructions on how to use Landscape dyes I will be in good shape. Craigslist can be a definate asset, especially for broke fiber addicts.
On the knitting front I have finished Travis's sweater. I just need to get it blocked and sewn together. I have almost finished one of a pair of Rapunzel socks for a dear friend out of the same NC Romney cross wool I used for Travis's sweater and I have a dickie about halfway done for my FIL out of some NC Romney/alpaca bulky yarn I spun up last week. Pictures will be forthcoming as I get them finished. Christmas is coming up fast and time grows shorter every day to get things done.

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Mim said...

Fun picture! Have you tryed to look thru the Dharma Trading Co web site for information on dyeing? They have great information.