October 29, 2008

Miss Kitty and the wool

I think we will have a nice day here once the early morning fog burns off. Hopefully it will be a good day for working in the yard and getting stuff ready for winter.
Maybe I can work in some fiber prep before soccer practice tonight.
This is a short video of one of our cats. She just really likes wool and is in the middle of a wool sack at every opportunity. If I could just train her on command she could get all of my fleeces picked for me.


Mim said...

Hi just found your blog from Ravelry! You've put a new twist to "wool picker" and "blocking stand" I love your thinking! The cold water bath I've been using for fleece cleaning is working wonderfully.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

lol what Mim said! I also followed you here from Ravelry, I'm the list mom for "Raw Wool Lovers". Glad to have you aboard! Gotta ask though, your nic is NVFilly, did you used to live in Nevada?