October 23, 2008

"Bob" is sold

We sold our son Troy's ram "Bob" last week........... He is related to most of our sheep and hasn't been used that much so he needed to go to a good home where he can improve another breeder's flock. Bob was Troy's favorite ram. We raised him and he was our only fall lamb the year he was born. He was quite spoiled by the boys and became quite the soccer player when he was a lamb playing with the boys booting the ball up and down the pasture. He also loved to go to fairs. He had some Champion Breed and Overall Ram awards to his credit but his favorite part of the fair was the people. He loved to get pets and he would eat almost anything; potato chips, oreos, candy. When he was bored he would brush his teeth on the top of his pen. He is quite a character. He also sired some really nice market lambs and his first fair champion this year. He has a good home, a new family of 4H kids that have a breeding project. I miss him, but I dont miss having him pull the hose out of the water troughs and playing with it or getting chased around the pen when he was in with the ewes!

This is a classic picture of Bob brushing his teeth!

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